Fights wont load in AM

My fights wont load in AM. It keeps kicking me back to the map after the loading screen. This happenss for the first 12 hours of the AM. After the first 12 hours of the AM i do not have this problem. I have tried uninstalling , resetting, clearing cache but nothing works. Could u please fix


  • Same problem on map 3. Loading screen freezes and I have to shut and restart app killing bots in the process. Also got the spinning wrong path deal. My BG is very upset
  • that1guythat1guy Posts: 222
    I have one of my alliance members experiencing this problem. Basically, he's experiencing this issue when he wants to fight any bot from the first part of map 3, then it seems second part onwards he can play again normally. All other game modes work for him.
  • Guess since im a nobody in this game this will never get fixed right ?
  • SaifAliKhanSaifAliKhan Posts: 5
    edited February 10
    Same problem with me.
    As I clicked on FIGHT botton everything is freezing for 2 minutes and then coming back in map (Battle ground)
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