2*s & Energy Refills

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so we all know that 4*s are the top bots in the game but there are 3*,2* & 1*. We all know that the 2*s are the most common in the game. This games main focus is forgeing to make your top bot better in every way. So mainly 2*s are food for your 4* or 3*s. if this game is based on forging and to get the most out of it you should get your 2*s or 3*s to max dup 100 cause they get the best pay out that way with shards. The main question is why isn’t every available bot available as a 2*? It would make sense is you want to max forge a 3* too 100 before you put it into a 3*. And so on. 2* may not be used much now but it’s important for the forge system to work as intended. @Kabam Miike miike can you tell me why?

Next is the energy refill. So in this game it cost 40 energon. In mcoc a game you guys also make has energy refills as will that cost 30 units. For the ppl that dont play mcoc units is the same as energon in this game. Most of the basic ideas in this game come from mcoc. The cost of energon in the store is the same price as units in mcoc. A 3* crystal deal popup in mcoc is 400 units, in this game 400 energon. 4* popup is 2500 units in mcoc and this game is 2500 energon. See the pattern of how they are alike. So my question here is why is energy in this game cost 10 energon more then what it cost in mcoc. It kind of feels like a rip off really. So @Kabam Miike miike can you explain why its more in this game?
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