Megatron/Galvatron Ranged Sound Effects

Is there any way you guys can consider beefing up the ranged sound effects of these two?

For both being very powerful characters they both sound very...not powerful. I was thinking something more like the original G1 sound effects used for both of them:

Megatron's fusion cannon:

Galvatron's particle cannon:

It doesn't even have to be for the basic ranged shots (although something more powerful than what is being used now would be better), but definitely their sp2's and sp3's need a slightly updated versions of the above samples.


  • I personally don't have a problem with them. They have more punch than the gunfire sounds most bots have on them. All of the sounds in the game are toned down in a way though. Shockwave would be of few exceptions having rather loud energy shots in both specials and standard fire. I still can't get over him using his hand gun though. I was hoping he'd use his arm cannon since many bots shoot left handed anyway.
  • I agree...I'd like to see the bot sound effects bumped up a bit.
  • Yeah Galvatron's cannon sounds "weak"... pew pew pew... it should sound more like this:
  • I laughed out loud when I first heard Galvatron's ranged sounds. It's so wimpy sounding pew pew pew *over exaggerated wind up!!!!!!* Pew
  • NightgauntNightgaunt Posts: 135
    edited December 2017
    Galvatron's is a bit pew pew for my liking, though it definitely sounds spacey and otherworldly. As for Megatron, I had my heart set on the classic *byow* in OP's first YouTube link, but I actually don't mind the new sound - it feels like a modern version of the classic sound, in a way. Still, it'd be a shame to have one of the classic Transformers sound effects completely omitted from the game - to me, those kinda things are as synonymous with transformers as the actual transformation sound effect.
  • Wait a minute - Megatron’s cannon doesn’t make the classic sound in the game? Aw, bummer!
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