Version 4.1 "Asset_cache" issue - Solution Help?

Still upset at version 4.1 for disabling the "asset_cache" folder, but I think I found something. I compared the v4.0.1 apk with the v.4.1 apk, and noticed a glaring difference: v4.0 (and probably those before it) has the storage permission to read the external SD card. BUT v.4.1 has no storage permissions at all!

So, If I can somehow re-enable or add the storage permission to read the external SD card to v4.1, I might be able to get images again for the Forged to Fight Wikia! Does anyone know how I can accomplish this?


  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 2,268
    I think you miss the point. The apk not having storage permission is not because the system prevents it to store data, but because the developers choose NOT to. Adding it back will have the APK ask for the permission but since there's no more instruction code to actually write data to external SD card, it will do nothing even with that permission granted.
    But hey, I don't have any external SD card at all, but the game runs as before.
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