TFTF Needs More Special and/or Daily Event Content

You're at level 50, you've completed RoK, you've finished Spotlight, AM is done, you duped the featured bot for the month and now you've hit the monthly doldrums where there's really nothing new to do.

Getting your 350-400k score to get 1-2% for the next 3,893,223 days of bot chip arenas doesn't take much and can be auto-fought. If the raid store item is good, that could be something, but most days it's something that can be done in 5 or 6 raid tickets or less. Your T2C supply is OK, but even those fights can be done on auto, so that's pretty boring too. So what is there to do when you're waiting for AM to restart?

I'd like to suggest either a new special event that's introduced mid-month (like a 2 week long Prime challenge or Knight Challenge) and/or new daily events that have a much higher difficulty that would give you T3B, T2A and the T3C of the day. Something that will be a challenge for players at all levels and not easy to get.

The Prime Challenge/Knight Challenge wouldn't require any storyline or anything, just something canned would be fine. You could even recycle some of the maps and mods from Prime Challenges past. Just so long as it's challenging. Rewards don't even have to be as good as the Spotlight ones or offer bot chips (though I wouldn't complain if they did), just something you'd expect for a 2 week long event. Maybe a random awakening program crystal, 4 star shards, T3 Knight Crystals, or something else along those lines.

For the daily events I was thinking something like this:

T3B Daily Event - enemy bot PI of 3000+ (Completion = 500; Exploration = 500; Total: 1000)
T2A Daily Event - enemy bot PI of 4000+ (Completion = 250; Exploration = 250; Total: 500)
T3C Daily Event - enemy bot PI of 6000+ (Completion = 100; Exploration = 100; Total 200)

Another daily event that could be added are ones that give out AM energy and Mission energy (either whole or broken down into components like essence or shards that need to be earned to complete a whole one). A Mastery Core daily set up in the same fashion where parts or components could be earned would also be something else to do).

We just need something a little more to get us through the month until the next Spotlight starts, more story content is released or chapter 2 of Legends of Cybertron drops. Something that we don't have to auto-fight but that will challenge everyone. Something that isn't bot chips arena.

Thoughts? @Kabam Miike


  • KittenPrimeKittenPrime Posts: 1,139
    Totally agree with the daily mission bot PI and rewards. It would be awesome to see them in the game.
  • kranderskranders Posts: 348
    I like the breaks but also agree it gets boring. Since I doubt those would happen something more realistic could even be a Gold daily or a daily for more class ore or t2c shards. A lot of us are running into a shortage of t2c for ranking and the autorunning of the daily once a week is horrid.
  • I agree to an extent. As someone who plays both MCOC and this game - it seems like MCOC has a lot more "events" for its players. Especially special events that reward players for just playing and being active in the game. This game sometimes feels like its on auto-pilot. And, I know, some people hate when this game is compared to MCOC, but both games are run by Kabam and were just talking about events, not playstyle or stability or other "issues".

    I mean, just for example - there is no Holiday event going all. The only thing Holiday related at all is the Play Store Icon which now has Prime wearing a Santa Hat.

    Arena "events" are pretty lackluster as well where only the top 1% of 1% of users get rewards that are worth anything...again, lack of Milestone rewards in all but the Featured Bot Chip Arenas, means the desire to play arena is fairly minimal for the average player. In comparison, MCOC is doing a week long event right now with amazing rewards for using 1* and 2* bots in the arena...

    I like downtime also, because some days feel like I need to do 100 things in the game and dont have enough time to do them all, but its also nice to have a game where sometimes you have to choose between the available rewards for the day and pick what is best for you.
  • Try Coursera
  • I don't even particularly care, quantity-wise, how the rewards are or not. I just want something to do that will get me a little bit of what higher-ranking players need right now. A couple hundred essence or shards here and there for my effort. It's not going to hurt anyone to add extra content to the game; if you're feeling overwhelmed and need a break then just don't do it.

    I just know that I haven't touched a daily event in months because there's nothing worth getting there for where I'm at in the game. That's a whole section of the game that's just laying dormant for that reason. And even if I wanted to play it, the bot PI is so ridiculously low for where my bots are at that there's no challenge to it.

    While auto-fight is useful for things like Daily Events, there comes a point that if you're using auto-fight for everything because it isn't even worth fighting yourself, then you're not even really playing the game anymore. Know what I mean?
  • DavienDavien Posts: 758
    edited December 2017
    Kabam is a business organization.. not a charity. And they're damn good at it (looking at how successful Gacha mechanics worked for them in MCOC and now this game).

    They would think twice about giving out so many rank up items on a daily basis.

    Seeing them rotating items on 24 hour raid store deals + able to buy a 4* for free every month (via chips) -
    is already a big kudos to them (knowing them being stingy in MCOC game previously when it was new).

    If you're bored outta your mind with this game then try out a different game.. no harm playing several games on a device as long as it doesn't overwhelms you (if so quit a few..). I'm currently playing Shadow Fight 3 on and off too - game doesn't take much time a run, and helps to keep my boredom at bay.
  • AnubisAnubis Posts: 87
    I was thinking the same thing that most of the time I dnt have anything to do in the game alot of the time it doesn't take long for me to arena,raid's,missions and am. Then I have nothing to do for 2plus hrs and I dnt want to play any other game. I would rather having something else to do in this game to keep progressing in this game. I really hope they can add some other mode or something we can do in the game when were done doing everything else. Instead of me having to go play something else.
  • Great to see the Bee Gauntlet getting added. Hopefully it will become a regular feature.
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