How to unlink my Google play account

As the title says , I played this game before and my google account is linked to an old playthrough that went so bad
I started over from scratch and when I try to log in with Google play I simply get loaded back into my old one .
Any help is appreciated.


  • Im guessing its based on whatever account you are signed into in the Play Store, and possibly the device itself. So, to link a different Google Play account, you would probably need to sign out of the account you dont want to use in the Play Store, then sign back in under whatever account you want to use. You might even need to install the game under that sign in as well. Also check the device you are using itself to see what account it is currently linked you might need to change that to the new account as well.

    Ill be honest though, there really isnt a whole lot you can do to mess up so badly that you would really need to start over unless you sold all your bots for gold or something. You start the game with almost nothing, so if you have anything more than that, you are already ahead.
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    How do I do that? :)stitch626
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