Class Crystal Pack and other image assets?

Argh and Gah - I'm upset that there are brand new crystals being offered for sale, because I can't get full-resolution images of them! (Because of version 4.1 disabling the Android external "asset_cache" folder "rant rant") Be prepared to see tiny and undersized crystals next to full-resolution crystal images on the Transformers: Forged to Fight Wikia!

Unless , besides trying to tweak the app, someone from Kabam itself can provide the asset images for the Wikia. (for the purpose of archiving and being a thorough game guide)


Hey guys,

Just wanted to drop in to say thanks for all the cool work you guys are doing for the community, especially woo224 and Trailbreaker77! Miike has shared some art requests for the wikia with us in the past and we've tried to help deliver some of the content you guys are looking for. I'll forward this thread to some of the other devs and see if we can help you guys out with assets!

@Kabam Karma
I've read your acknowledgement of the wikia and your offering assets. Is it okay for you to send to us or to upload to the wikia the image assets of the Class Crystal Packs and the Class Crystals (and all images newly created in v4.1?)


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