Relic Loadout System

Can we get a more efficient and easier way to employ relics?

It would be great if there was button (say on our own account screen, above or below the Masteries button is located) that simply said RELICS that when you clicked on it, offered relic loadout options for every game mode.

Each option, RAID, SPECIAL, ARENA, ALLIANCE MISSION, could be clicked on and would open up another screen that allowed you to select which 4 relics you wanted to use for those game modes. Then they could be saved and when it was time for you to switch to a different game mode, you just simply select the loadout you wanted.

Of course, the easiest thing to do would be to make the 4 relic placeholders we all see on our bases be trophy cases and you just make it so that the each game mode detects your top 4 best relics and uses those effects so we don't have to worry about switching anything at all.



  • ManthroManthro Posts: 2,078
    edited December 2017
    It is a good idea, but had the potential to end up bugged and not recognizing the relics.

    I think having 3-4 programmable base templates would work better. You can program several base setups with bots, mods and relics based on what mode you are playing.

    It would take time to set up, but then you would just click a template, and the game would hot swap all bots, mods and relics on the base for you instantaneously.
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