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Not getting notification of base being attacked.

After running a arena for a bit, I went back to my base to pick up gold, then I launched a Spotlight mission, which I was done with in about 5 or so minutes. When I get back to my base, I pick up my 4 hour crystal, then do some upgrading. Go back to my base only to find out that I have been attacked 20 minutes prior. No notification was sent to my phone. And this has not been the first time either.

I know better than to leave Raid chips unused (which already is an annoyance itself, especially when most of mine come from away missions and not from theft). But to not even be able to take REVENGE right away because these players go to hide behind a shield, and not get notified while my medal count drops because it, is aggravating.

Please fix this, we should not be find out so far after the fact, and only because we have checked our bases, that we have been attacked, It defeats the purpose of REVENGE, especially when we can do so due to the attacker, placing a shield up.
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