Increasing mobile data usage

Since the update of 4.1 I've seen the game using more than twice the data usage than before. 17 days have passed in December, now TFTF has costed 409MB of mobile data and 110MB yesterday alone. Not to mention that I have WiFi at work and inside the metro and I don't use mobile link at the weekend.

I think the prime suspect is the removal of asset_cache, now the avatars etc are downloaded again and again, causing the spinning cog placeholder to show every time your connection is bad. Even at the starting screen, the game is downloading at 100KB/s.

Anyone (Android player perhaps) confirm this?


  • hoolienweehoolienwee Posts: 121

    Yes, it happens once in a while, sudden data hogs. The jump u see is ONLY caused by TFTF.
  • nomisunomisu Posts: 307
    edited January 3
    same here hmm
  • This game lives to eat data and battery, which will be the root cause for me to move on to something new as I can't afford to upgrade my data plan for a single game.
  • I honestly think this is the reason the game is not more popular, The phone gets so hot while playing this game, But in the end, Im just going to ignore my phones health and enjoy the game but not everyone is like that.
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