Question for Kabam regarding future of raid defense

So I notice that lately you guys have been pushing promotional packages for mods both new and old, which is great, but a lot of players are starting to ask what you are going to do about those who are cheating by using hacks to win raids. Because spending money on these mods to make your base stronger only to have a cheater come in and roll over your base with low-level bots is incredibly frustrating, especially when after submitting their names for review, nothing happens to them.

Since I know you won't comment directly on the matter, I'd like to suggest trying to implement a hack-detection system that would be able to tell if a player is using the hack (we all know the one being used for raids) and then kick them from the current raid they are on, award the defender a win, and then have some sort of punitive measurement like removing their raid tickets for 24 hours or even a 3 day ban or something like that.

Because like I said, nobody is going to spend money on buying these mods, old or exclusive until some measure can be taken to insure that people are playing by the rules. Raiding makes up 20% of the game as it stands right now and having it remain a compromised game mode makes it a broken game mode.

@Kabam Miike


  • KittenPrimeKittenPrime Posts: 1,139
    Absolutely right you are. I’ve had countless chinese hackers go through my Grindor/Harm Accelerator without a scratch, sometimes they use 2* bots just to take the mickey.
  • Swag_JazzSwag_Jazz Posts: 90
    How can bots do over 789 dm when their are just rank 2 and i was blocking?
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