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Get this game on Amazon Underground devs!

Not for nothing... Being in a Country that isn't America sometimes makes certain purchases unrealistic.

VAT inflates the purchase amount to a level that makes an already marginal purchase like your t3c offers very unpalatable.

I've personally had to pass on all of them because the VAT basically doubles the exchange rate.. Where I live, that t3c offer is $140. Not something I'd consider. Amazon does not gouge VAT on players, and offers straight exchange rate on microtransactions.

You are doing yourself a disservice by not making FTF available in app stores other than Google or Apple. Many players that would consider opening their wallets simply will not pay 40% more for your offers.

Think about it.


  • It would probably open up a good amount of new potential users too. There are quite a lot of people that play their games on their kindle fires.
  • Isn’t amazon underground going away in 2019?
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