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Tier 3 Class Sparks! Argh!! Needed on the Wikia!

We finally have an easy way to see and get Tier 3 Class Sparks. But I can't get clean images of any of them because android -v4.1-disabled-the-"asset_cache"-folder!
Why Why Why Why Why?

Rant aside, did anyone before v.4.1 come across all six Tier 3 class sparks? Can anyone upload them here or to the transformers-forged-to-fight.wikia.com ?

(Only ten days until certain spotlight mission images and Megatron Chips are lost to the public forever!!)
(any online image datamining methods? anyone?)



  • KittenPrimeKittenPrime Posts: 1,144
    But I can't get clean images of any of them because >android< -v4.1-disabled-the-"asset_cache"-folder!
    Android, there’s your problem
  • ManthroManthro Posts: 2,752
    I'd help but I can't because "asset_cache"-folder!

    It's too bad, but I suspect if I messaged a moderator instead of ranting about because android -v4.1-disabled-the-"asset_cache"-folder, I'd probably get assistance.

    I'm sure there's more than one way to skin an android "asset_cache"-folder.

    If you seen one post about android -v4.1-disabled-the-"asset_cache"-folder, you've seen them all.
  • DavienDavien Posts: 758
    @Kabam Miike care to help @woo224 ? He helps update the TFTF wikia regularly.
  • Maybe “asset_cache”-folder will open on its own?
  • woo224woo224 Posts: 180
    Maybe “asset_cache”-folder will open on its own?

    I have no idea what that means. Unless an update fixes it or I or someone finds a mod, the F2F wikia will be oudated.
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