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Refresh Times/Any Fix Coming For All The Crashes??

HalloweendmHalloweendm Posts: 395
edited December 2017 in Bugs and Known Issues
Three times I've had this happen to me--I go to buy the weekly Alpha pack for $4.99 and instead of that, I get the Tactician pack (twice for that), and once, I tried for the Tactician and found the Brawler pack waiting for me instead. Where I am (Pacific time zone), the packs have been resetting lately at 1pm, rarely to me it seems, at midnight, but usually 1am. The times I tried to get those packs for that day were ALL between 10:30pm and midnight, which would have been plenty of time before the switch to the pack for the new day.

If I genuinely missed it, I'm disappointed, but willing and able to wait until the following week. But when the daily packs change at unlisted, unannounced times, it really cheeses me off!

While not impossible, I find it hard to believe it hasn't happened to anyone else. So, what will it take to get this fixed?? This is kind of a minor thing to ALL the frickin crashing the game does since the updates in November which is annoying (removed by moderator) having to deal wit
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