Can’t move during special moves

Often, during alliance mission fights or other fights in game, when the opponents makes is special move, my bot can’t move and i’m not able to do stepback or elude it. Seems like it’s freezed.
Is there anyone with the same bug?


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  • Faithz17Faithz17 Posts: 377
    SP1/SP2 or SP3? If it’s SP3, the animation kicks in and yah you can’t move. If it’s SP1/SP2, don’t get hit by the first strike, once you do, then you can’t avoid the rest that comes later. If you don’t get hit by the first strike, all SP1/SP2s should be avoidable.
  • XXXXXX Posts: 15
    I know special 3 can’t be eluded.
    This happens on special 1 or 2, just when the enemy starts his special. My bot is blocked and i can’t elude the first strike in time to escape the move.
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