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Game crashes every 5 to 10 mins

Hey guys I have been having a problem with the game for over a month now and it just gets worse as time progresses. When I am just going through menus and opening crystals it's fine everything goes good but when I enter battles in arena, story, special missions, and AQ the game crashes either before the fight or during the fight. If I load the game and immediately go to fight I can get about 2 fights in before crash. It crashes so fast it doesn't even allow me to send a report.

I am using a Samsung s5 model# SM-G900V android version 5.0. I am also using wifi as my network connection.

Please let me know when there may be a fix or a solution. I have tried to Uninstal the game and then reinstall but no luck fixing the crash problem.


  • Oh it's a big problem is two months this game don't work well today I doing an hard reset on my s8 plus but still crashing isn't a problem of the device it's a game.
  • Came here to ask if anyone else is having a problem logging in today, or gets that annoying “connection issues” message after two minutes if they finally manage to log in.

    This problem also affects another Kabam game, Marvel Contest of Champions.
  • I've had issues logging in from time to time, but its a rare day where the game itself doesn't crash at least a DOZEN times!

    That said, does anyone from Kabam come in and respond to these with an update "Hi, we're working on it. Should be fixed shortly," or just silent like a graveyard on these "bugs and known issues"? It seems like these discussions would be more of a priority to respond to than "which bot is next" and whatever.
  • From what I’ve seen, “Hi, we’re working on it” is reliable less than half the time. I’ve learned to take everything with a grain of salt unless I actually see changes in-game.
  • I'm just tired of not being able to enjoy the game anymore. I've had the same phone since the game released and I've never had any problems. I always switch back and forth between Forged and contest but dang the crashing is getting so old.
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