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Kinda preferred the old arenas and milestones

This is my first post, so the tags could be wrong..
It could be just me or a very select few, but after playing the arenas after the 4.0 update, I realised that I liked the older arena formula better than the current one. Here are some of the reasons why.
1. The older arena had better spaced milestones(7500, 22000, 75000, 150000, 250000, 320000, 450000 and 650000) which meant that only those who actually grinded the arena properly could earn all the milestone rewards. Now, you can get to the max milestone(320000) in 1-2 runs max(for mid level players, I'm level 42 and it takes me just one single run).
2. The milestone rewards are far far stingier in comparison to before. It is even more apparent in the crystal bounty arena. Before update:- around 4000 premium crystal shards, 4000 tier 3 crystal shards, 1000 tier 4 crystal shards,50 energon and lots of raid and arena chips. Now:- 15-20 energon, no arena chips, around 2000 featured bot chips.(far lower than before. Featured bot chips are a good addition)
3. The post arena rank rewards are also reduced in comparison as well. There is practically no difference in the reward between the top 2 tiers. Before update:- you get the featured bot(3 or 4* depending on the arena since 3 and 4 star arenas were separate) and decent amount of money at the top rank tier and 1000 tier crystal shards and money. Now:- the top 2 tiers have only 2 arena crystals as the difference.(13 for the second highest tier vs 15 for the top tier and the same amount of chips and premium shards(2000)). This is even more apparent in the crystal bounty where the only difference is 100 4 star crystal shards(900 for 2nd highest and 1000 for top tier) and 2 arena crystals.

These changes are why the arena is just not as compelling as before.. I loved this game back on the day because it was doable amounts of grind to get the crystals necessary for upgrades and it was very competitive, enough to be named in the top 5 competitive games on the Google play store.
I like some of the changes like the introduction of daily arena bounties and all, but I'd appreciate it if the old milestone system and rank rewards make a return. The game should reward those who are truly competitive enough to go all the way to the max milestone better than the ones who have done maybe 4 or 5 of those milestones..

Any suggestions are more than welcome.
Also, ways to combine the new and the old are also welcome.


  • ShadowPrime110ShadowPrime110 Posts: 5
    edited December 2017
    I hear you Remmie, this is one of the reasons why I am suggesting the older arenas to be back.. you see, the old crystal bounty was 2 days long and not a one day lose-your life fest. It was spaced out enough to get atleast the doable amounts well.. plus this new style doesn't exactly work well for new players( and the fact that the arenas were different for 3 star bot( in which you fought with 1 and 2 star bots) and 4 star bot( fought with 3 and 4 star bots), so there was room there. The crystal bounty is unchanged except for the whole one day grindfest. And yes, I have 6 R2 unduped 4* which are frankly quite weak...
  • The bounty was a lot harder than normal. I scored over 1,200,000 points and got the 3% zone. That's typically a guaranteed 1%. Though I'm okay with ranks being the primary reward as the arenas are meant to be the competitive side of the game, milestones should be added to an extent so there is a for sure reward for anyone that completes it.

    Personally, I recommend practicing contentment as I'm learning to. I all my goal characters as 4 stars (Except Soundwave but he doesn't exist in my version.) so there's not a whole lot of reason to grind crystals as much. Happy with what I have. Considering my next job starts after this year alongside college, this week my my last run in the top slots . I'll be able to get one run in if that.
  • I'm fine with the rank setup for the feature bot chip arenas, though increases to the top 10 rewards and adding another couple milestones wouldn't bother me either. Adding some more energon would be useful too.

    It's the one example of an arena where people that don't have the bots to grind to the top still earn something decent.

    Now the rest of the arenas are ridiculous.

    Focusing on Crystal bounty here: Personally if I hadn't been in a decent place at the beginning of October to be able to get into 5-7% I would've quit.

    The last changes to ranking ruined upwards mobility for a lot of players. Not only did they cut off 4* shards for a huge chunk of the player base they cut down 3* shards drastically which further prevents attempts to grind higher, increases frustration and ultimately make people not want to play.

    Some form of milestones need to be added. It's benefical both for players and kabam. Players feel like they can actually get somewhere and happy players spend. It also helps retain the casual players or those that can't play all day due to work or school.

    The spark arenas have similar (if not identical problems ) so I won't go into them.
  • I have already opened a poll on this we get we “grind hard and get gamble rewards “.

    Its very disappointing to see 3 percentage reward after scoring 1.2 on some Asian servers .
    While other will get you to 1-2 % on same points. @Remmie .

    I am also requesting kabam to work on it.
    And separate Rank and milestones.

    1.5M plus 1000 shards
    1.2M to 1.5 900 shards
    800K to 1.19M 700-650
    This can be considered and player atleast deserve after a super grinding.
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