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Base as bad as RoK.....


OG prime self heal was the only thing that saved me. How many rank 5s are on that base?


  • DaveJLDaveJL Posts: 1,744
    surely he can only have a maximum of 3, as there has been two on sale and one available from ROK? he probably has some maxed out 4* mods topping that rating up
  • JKLJKL Posts: 963
    You could technically have 5 x R5. That's the max right now.
  • MallowmanMallowman Posts: 125
    Yeah, four of the five I fought were rank five for sure, grim, prime, motormaster and ratchet. The last fight took me seven minutes alone against prime with his exo healing cleanses. Lol.
  • How do you trigger OGP's self heal?
  • MallowmanMallowman Posts: 125
    Sorry should have said, self heal synergy from having ratchet. You get it from rolling out with chances based on lost health.
  • 4* mods could only be maxed at rank 2. I havent seen any mod tier 2 sparks yet
  • RemmieRemmie Posts: 212
    Thought they changed that ? To where you only need one type, just more of them?
  • DirculesDircules Posts: 509
    Well done Mallowman :) Put those chips to good use. People with higher power bots have tried and failed! That healing synergy is really OP.

    It’s indeed 4x R5 and 3x R4. All at forge level 100.

    As far as mods there are 3x R2 4* and 4x R4 3*. Mods aren’t max forge or any high sig though.
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