Where are all the other universe bots?

Come on Kabam, I really love this game and have spent alot on it, Its been out for a good while now and we still only have bots from 3 universes (G1/BW/Movie) Is it Hasbro not letting you make Animated/Prime/Armada bots? Try to argue the point with them that at least 1 bot from every universe will bring more Transformer fans to this game.

Just add Tranformers Prime Megatron to the game and I will spend every bit of energon to get him. Please :p


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    Licensing ain't cheap.

    Kabam is giving the team a limited amount of money to spend so they need to spend it wisely. Let's say they spend the big chunk of change Hasbro will want on the licensing to get these other universe bots. Will that leave enough money for them to actually market this acquistion to the target audience that wants to see these bots? What about the money needed to create, develop and test the new bots? There's also lots of other factors not even mentioned here that are too boring to talk about that would need that licensing money too.

    Bottom line: running a game like this is a tightrope act. You have to balance everything very carefully and move slowly. Transformers is big, but it's not Marvel big so Kabam is definitely giving MCOC more money to do more things. This game will grow though and as it grows it will start to attract more people and then more money will start to come in to do more things. Just gotta be patient.

    That said, I do hope they eventually increase the release rate of new bots. One a month is kinda iffy. Would be better if they could release one every 3 weeks or just up it to releasing 2 per month and just lower the chip requirements to 50k to buy each of them for a 2 week period. Two short spotlights a month would also be more interesting (even if they just recycled the same map, but I know that is asking a lot.
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    Thank you for explaining, I had no idea it would effect their budget, I understand now. When the time comes for them that they are able to add more bots from other universes, I hope they start with Transformers PRIME, As imo, The graphic style of that show matches the art style of this game more closely than the other universes.

    Also I hope they do make 2 bots a month, I dont mind if one of them is crystal exclusive to help the funding of two bots per month. I hope the Bee crystal sold well enough for this model to continue. G1 Bee imo is not an OP bot so people cant claim its pay to win.
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    Does anyone see pattern here from this game? It looks like we are getting same bots.

    I call for yellow one :)
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    Does anyone see pattern here from this game? It looks like we are getting same bots.

    I call for yellow one :)

    I don't reconize a few of bots in image. I never seen in game. The yellow cat I think, the 2 headed dragon.
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    What I meant to say is earth wars have bots like we are getting the new one's with the same generation. Megatron G1, Soundwave, Primal they have same version in other picture, grimlock. they all same generation except Forged To Fight is a way better game :)
    So, maybe Cheetoh and Jazz same generation too. I hope Hound is from a movie character.
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    Does licensing cost more for using multiple universes? I’d’ve thought You license each bot, unless they’re all owned by different firms?
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    You got me curious, so I looked up an example.
    All Marvel Classic Characters. “Classic” Characters refers to the embodiment of the Marvel characters as originally conceived in the comic books and widely known to the popular imagination through successive classic ..... and many more other stuff

    Minimum Royalty Guarantee:
    Two Hundred Five Million Dollars (U.S. $205,000,000).
    One Hundred Million Dollars (U.S. $100,000,000) payable on the later

    Ref: Hasbto Inc

    As long as we get movies characters as well, it's all good) And G1 was made way back in 80's, That's why I saw similarity in both games.
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    The yellow tiger is one of Blasters cassettes, Steeljaw. The two headed dragon is hung-grr the leader of the combiner terrorcons.

    The earth wars pic has a lot of combiners such as blast off, long haul and silver bolt as well.
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    All the bots in FtF are based off toys released in the past 5 years, the “G1” term everyone likes to use is cool but incorrect, there is no true G1 model in the game, all the G1 bots are owned by Takara Tomy, they pump out all those great Masterpiece toys of the G1 line, I’ve only noticed a couple of MP designs in game and that’s Grimlock and Shockwave, but they have some subtle differences, and new Primal is very similar to its masterpiece counterpart, the rest of the bots are from the 30th anniversary generations line, Combiner Wars and Titans Return and with the new Power of the Primes line out this year we are gonna see more of those bots hitting this game, these bots are just a re-imagining of G1.

    Currently Activision has its hands on allot of transformers IPs including Devastation, Transformers Prime, WoC and FoC to name a few, they have the rights to those designs, so it’s very difficult for Kabam to gain access to those models.
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