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This is more an alert to the players as Kabam support hasn't been helpful here at all.

Sometime between Dec. 30th and Dec.31st, all my 1* awakened (duped) bots disappeared. (Yes, I know, who cares. But what if this happens to your 3* dupes?)

The only reason I know they are missing is that I use them on arenas and with Crystal Bounty, I've been in areanas constantly. These 1* duped bots are generally 200 power bots... I use them to start my win streak. They were all there night of Dec. 30th. When I logged on the 31st, they were gone. I started my arena and didn't have the 200 power bots to start the win streak.

I sent a note to support and they confirmed that no bots were forged on the 30th or 31st. Other than that they've been no help. I'm a Lvl47 commander and have played since global launch. So having zero 1* duped bots is impossible.

Not sure what can be done at this point, at least they were 1*, but most had 80+ sig. if nothing else they would have been good forging material... but now they are lost.

I recommend to all players to take periodic screens shots of your important bots.
Cause if they disappear mysteriously, Kabam support won't do much to help.


  • Here are pics of my roster to show the gap in my bot roster... the last two are filtered on 1* bots...

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    Wait, I'm confused. You can't dupe a 1*, and it looks like you still have every 1* available in the game right now, plus a few that aren't.
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    1* bots can't be awakened and have no signature ability. When you raw a duplicate, you simply get a small amount of gold and ore.

    Your 1* bots are right there.

    Are you confusing them with your 2* bots?
  • I currently have 9 1*... there are more 1* available than that I believe. It's not that I cant dupe 1*... it's they they disappeared from my roster. I haven't open any new crystals since this happened in hope of Kabam figuring out what happened.
  • Maybe I am confusing them with 2*... I just know my arenas line ups are all screwed up now. I never pay attention to these bots... so not exactly sure what is missing.
  • DirculesDircules Posts: 467
    You forged them. That's what happened.
  • ManthroManthro Posts: 2,075
    There's actually only 6 1* bots available now.. if you had 9 or more, it's because you collected them before kabam stopped releasing them.

    That might be the issue. They may have straight up deleted all but the current 6 1* bots from the game, and in the process it removed the ones you had.
  • @Manthro Possibly... Kabam support didn't mention anything about that. But I know I didn't forge them overnight when I was sleeping. And Kabam confirmed no bots were forged.
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