How do I get lots of raid currency

I have 5 3 stars. Almost 3 are lvl 30. The other 2 lvl20. How do I use them to get max out of raids.

Only thing I buy from raid store: energon and knight crystal.

Energon is 30k, knight crystal is 40k. So how do I get 70k raid chips in a school week.


  • Promethium1Promethium1 Posts: 342
    Figure it out bro
  • CandKaneCandKane Posts: 676
    Raid shields will help you stockpile chips, but really the only way is by getting your medal count up and raiding higher level bases for more chips.
  • Booster_BlueBooster_Blue Posts: 523
    Participate in raids is the best way to build up raid tokens.
  • nomisunomisu Posts: 307
    couple of things to add on

    yup take part in raids, but also level up your bots.

    most bases are defended by
    mv mega (demo),
    soundwave (tech), grindor/motormaster (brawler)
    so bring bots that do well against them.

    also see how your schedule allows for it.
    - if you are close but run out of raid tickets, do consider getting raid shield.
    - or do staggered raids (one raid per hour) if you can.
  • KittenPrimeKittenPrime Posts: 1,139
  • Ok, this is trick I use.

    1.Stash 20k raid chips and stop there, you lose only 3k around when attacked.
    2.Wait until you have 3 raid tickets recharged and use them in one go.
    3.Active a raid shield(any hr), wait until 3 raid tickets recharged and use them in one go.
    4.By now you should have more than 60k, combined with away missions during all those time, you is able to purchase most expansive raid chip item shop can offer.

    As general rule, forum has many topics on smart defense.
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