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Ranked 12th for 11-25% ???

My alliance ranked 12th in the raid event & received rewards for 11-25%.
Considering that the first 10 alliances received a specially designed rewards that’s mean that the 11th alliance is the only one who received the rewards for 1-10% which I highly doubt it.
Another mathematical anomaly emerge here that there are at least 200 alliances participated in this event so how can we ranked 11-25% if we ranked 12th?


  • DirculesDircules Posts: 509
    Was there really 200? OVPWR ranked 56 and got 51-100%. Sounds about right then.
  • Terminal discussed this last month that Thresholds to unlock rank rewards are far too high. I was shocked that we ranked 13th in Arena combat previously received 11-25% rewards.
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