Problem with buying spark fragments.

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Brought 4 lots of 250 T2 basic sparks, the raid chips are gone but not got the sparks.
Before buying some and after doing 100% T2 event
Brought 4 lots of fragments

After buying them.


Kabam please get back to me about this. I can't seem to find a way to contact you.

Also has anyone else having issues with it.


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    Well, in all 4 screenshots you have 8,447 raid chips. I can only guess that you had 1 t2b spark and got the second after buying the 4 t2b out of raid store.
  • Hey Mikerout2!

    I’m sorry, this isn’t an issue that we can assist with in the forums. Our Support team should be able to review your account however, and assist further. You can contact Support from the game by tapping on the Gear shaped icon in the top left corner of your Base screen, and then on the Support button.
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