Just wondering if there will ever be another energon card sale or just a basic energon deal. IOS users just had an energon deal which would have been a great addition on android also...


  • Drake6401Drake6401 Posts: 321
    I didn't even know they had device bias sales. Seems on the odd end of business to decrease your range of customers.
  • ManthroManthro Posts: 2,045
    It would be nice for Android users to get a not crappy exclusive offer for once.

    No more of this 2* or 3* exclusive bot bundle garbage while iOS gets half price energon.
  • would be nice to see everyday energon card for 30days .
  • uLtrashOckuLtrashOck Posts: 60
    Agree. Weekly or monthly cards should be a common thing in a game like this cuz not everyone can afford 140$ offers all the time.
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