3 day event rewards

The 3 day event rewards seriously need a buff, for the 1 day event the final milestone is 500 3* shards but to get that many in the 3 day event you have to rank in the top 10 alliances, shouldn’t the rewards for the longer event be better not worse?


  • ReworkRework Posts: 84
    There's a lot of rewards in the game that are not keeping up with the growth of the game. Many Arena awards are a joke at this point.

    I put up over 800K points in the T3B arena the other day and and the reward was a whopping 1500 essence. Considering that you can get more than that with 3-4 raids when it is in the raid store (about as often as we get the arena event), what is the point of grinding arena all day for such a small amount?

    IMHO, the developers have gotten complacent. If you think about it, this game has been stagnant since they launched the current event format in October.
  • TerminalTerminal Posts: 789
    If you're not in the top 7% the rewards across the entire game are pretty bad and offer zero incentive to play at all.
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