Dashing back twice and spacing issues

ok, so I am playing on an iphone 7 plus, ios 11.2.1 and when I try and dash back twice, the first dash works but the second dash ends up just being a split second block, so the tap is being registered but not the swipe. Noticing it happening most with Dinobot and Windblade.
Also happening is some dash backs aren't dashing back far enough to evade an attack - noticing it happening most vs Grimlock, Motormaster and Galvatron.
Also sometimes when enemy is against the wall, if you hit them with two ranged attacks and dash in immediately, for some reason the melee attack misses and you are at the side of the bot. Lots of spacing issues going on, and have been for a long long time. Dash attacks wiffing or pulling up short and hitting air without other bot dodging.
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