4-star Optimus Prime MV1 or 4-star Optimus Prime G1 to Rank 3?

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4-star Optimus Prime MV1 or 4-star Optimus Prime G1 to Rank 3? I have just enough resources to level one of them up (not enough for both of them). Which one should I level up? I like G1 Prime's attacks but I also like MV1 Prime's ability against additional bleed levels.

Which one to pick??

4-star Optimus Prime MV1 or 4-star Optimus Prime G1 to Rank 3? 29 votes

Optimus Prime MV1
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Optimus Prime G1
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    Optimus Prime MV1
    MV1 gets it for being just short of permanent member of raid team. Unless maybe you already had a grimlock and you don't have any tacticians ranked.... but MV1 has all the tiebreakers in an unskewed comparison.
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    MV1 is great for raiding but G1 is great for long fights because of his fused armor break and stackable bleeds.
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    Optimus Prime MV1
    Yeah but in general, encounter against HA-Grindor is more often than long fights for OG Prime. You'll have a long fight in:
    Accidentally meeting "hard" team between Arena 15-18.
    High diff AM. (Bring Ratchet with OG Prime of course)
    Expert spotlight.

    So in the end the two Primes need to be brought up quickly. Since there are goodies in raids more often I'll prefer MV1 first.
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    Optimus Prime G1
    If you can't win raids without MV1 you need to up your game, son!
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