Can you rotate the alpha and t3b days?

I realize this may only be annoying me this much, particularly since everyone probably wants the crystal bounty to stay on late week/weekend days, but... is there any chance the alpha and t3b days can rotate a smidge, or at least the raid days to get these? T3B is on Thursday so can usually hit most of that (but if I worked mon-thurs like many do I would miss it as well). Alpha is on Tuesday, and though they are every other week so it's hard to be certain, I'm pretty sure 95% the raid days for T3B/T2 alpha have been somewhere between sunday through wednesday (my 10 hour work days). Sure this is my own personal problem lol, but it would be same I'm sure for anyone who doesn't have Monday off for example.

I realize the recent intent was to set days in stone, like AM always Thursday through Sunday, but still... at least rotate the signature bounty with alpha bounty, or AT LEAST put some good raid loot in rotation where it can come on the weekend instead of Monday through Wednesday :P. I feel like I could have had at least a couple more R4s by now if I wasn't missing 50% + of available resources through these venues. Surely the raid days can be more spread out, even if the arena days are absolutely wanted to be set in stone.


  • Spark5215Spark5215 Posts: 19
    Putting Alpha Bounty on Saturday makes more sense.

    Most players would benefit from ranking up the bots they want to keep, as opposed to having the Arena for signature upgrades, which helps players increase the signature of a (likely 3*) bot by a few points that they will eventually forge.
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