When will you (KABAM) address the constant crashing?

Counted today. The game crashed 47 times... And before anyone gives me hell about it, I have several, very powerful devices, a galaxy note 8, Zenfone 3 deluxe, Xiaomi Mi5s Plus, and a New galaxy tablet. All of them had the same issues. Hey KABAM how about you fix existing problems instead of nickel and diming your player base?


  • Promethium1Promethium1 Posts: 342
    Not to hate here but, is this a carbon copy of “still not addressed the c9nstant crashing?” Thread? If so, correction of grammar does not require a full thread. Sarcasm aside, I think crashing has become more of a feature rather than a bug/problem. If your game can’t even run on top-notch devices why even bother.
  • @Promethium1 is correct, there currently exists a thread concerning crashing issues here. For the sake of tidiness, this thread will be closed.
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