G1 Ratchet Synergy's

Why does he have synergy's with Movie Bee & Ironhide? Wouldn't a Movie style Ratchet make better since? It would be nice if he had some synergy's with other G1 autobots other than Prime. The only other G1 character he plays nice with is Shockwave.

When a movie Ratchet finally joins the roster will he have to have synergy's with the G1 bots because this Ratchet already has his?


  • pretty sure they wont do movie ratchet, he is not popular and was one shot ko in movie
  • I don't think anyone is off the table as not being made.
  • NightgauntNightgaunt Posts: 158
    Ratchet, and the Bayformers he has synergies with, were some of the original bots in the game, and I think they played a little fast and loose with some of those synergies just so people would have something to work with until more bots were added.
  • MallowmanMallowman Posts: 119
    Yeah, I would wager movie ratchet and g1 ironhide will both show up eventually if the game keeps going
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