List of things I like about this game.

Things I like about this game:

-3d arena (Makes the combat more tactical than just the swipe left to dodge everything compared to another game)

-No parry skill (So glad parry isnt in the game for players use, In another simular game, Every fight allmost feels the same, Just parry and counter attack every fight unless a mod/hero passive prevents it, This game feels more skill based due to no parry)

-Ranged combat (The ranged combat in this game is well implanted, However I would like to see something changed to heavy spam abuse via players, Like adding an ammo counter like G1 megatrons fusion ammo and if you run out of ammo heavy attacks do reduced damage or something)

-Allmost every bot has their own use (shockwave and sideswipe are the only underwhelming bots and even then their art and animations are good, Just need alittle rework/buff, But overall im really impressed at how well they have made each bot feel unique)

-The story (I dont know whos writing the scenes, But they nailed the comedy aspect of the story, I can tell the guy/gal is a fan of transformers. The only problem I have with the story is that we are an autobot commander, I think the story would of been better if the player was an AI supercomputer like telatran and each faction would use us to command their bots, That would be a good reason for the story to switch perpectives (The decepticons capture us and rewire us to work for them and visa versa ect)

-Away missions and the base (Makes the game feel like we are gathering an army of bots that have a use beyond sticking to only 3-5 bots needed for combat)

Please list things you like about this game and what improvements you would like to see.


  • KittenPrimeKittenPrime Posts: 1,139
    I absolutely love how you can buy featured champs with featured chips, 10,000 for the 3* and 100,000 for the 4*, gives you something to really work for.
  • camaro57camaro57 Posts: 212
    Everything I like except hard to get 3 or 4 star from crystal.
  • I agree the game is really great!
    I like the way it's made. Very advance in my opinion. But the most attractive part for me is a complexity of many aspects of the game.

    I would like to see different approach in multiplayer mode instead of AM or to add something in addition. Maybe something without energy per steps and more like a missions where all team is playing at the same time until the mission is done or time is up. If we can actually see bots are moving from room to room/place. With better communication in joint game session. Definitely with lower number of players in a team. Maybe make different numbers of players in teams like 6,12 and 18 or 6 and 18. It should be minimum 6, so it would not require additional members for group of friends. Points can be awarded differently.
    Also would be nice to have VIP club with different brackets which will add permanent benefits in higher brackets and temporary in lower. The VIP points could be awarded with any cash purchase in the game.
    I don't know, just thinking out loud :smile:

    and one more thing, less testing and more analyzing before making changes. For example shifting schedules if it's possible.
  • I love the way my device heats up my hand in this cold winter, very thoughtful of the devs <3
  • camaro57camaro57 Posts: 212
    I love the way my device heats up my hand in this cold winter, very thoughtful of the devs <3

    What is your device. Is it a overheating problem or video driver problem.
  • It's perfectly normal for HD Games to use all power the phone can give. While your phone does all calculations for the game it may overheat for other reasons. You should check with support who made the phone. Game is not related at all.
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