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Misleading Shieldmaster Synergy in simplified Chinese version

According to simplified Chinese localization, this synergy enables Power Steal upon well timed blocking as well as buffing block proficiency.
We are so happy so see Mixmaster receiving a boost, yet after many times of procing his Concussive Block (because this is when we're sure to have a "well-timed block"), we never see a power steal effect.
Just before I try to report this, I switched to English and there's no Power Steal for this Synergy
So... it seems there's a communication problem between the team and the translator? Still, I don't think the latter will "invent" this synergy, it must have been designed in the early version and taken away. I'll vote to add it back, at least to give Mixmaster a chance.

Thank you.

@Kabam Vydious @Kabam Miike and where is @kabam karma ?


  • Hey @KillMasterC, thanks for writing this up! This led to us realizing it's actually wrong in every language other than english, but our translators have updated that overnight and you should see the correct text in the game now.

    You'll be happy to learn that this string is actually intended to be rolled out in our next balance update, which should hit toward the end of the month. He'll get this effect (or something similar) very soon.
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 3,039
    Great to know, thank you! @Kabam Kavs
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