Rogue Brothers is Recruiting for Map 3

Howdy y'all. Rogue Brothers needs a couple more members for running in map 3.

We use Line for communication (like everyone else).

Message here or PM me (cuppm) on line


  • We had 2 solid battle groups in the last AM. If your alliance is struggling, we could use a few more players to fill up our BGs.
  • HoldonHoldon Posts: 54
  • HoldonHoldon Posts: 54
    hmmm interesting..
  • MegaKuppCakeMegaKuppCake Posts: 86
    edited January 18
    Wanna hang with us for a bit Holdon? Definitely easier than RW was doing. :)

    Also, any stronger guys in an alliance running in map 2 that want greater rewards, we have spots for you.
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