weakening of the best bots

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weakened the most beloved IronHide back to their high critical rate in their specials and heavy attacks, they also did this with the most beloved bots among the players, this could be a shot in Kabam's own foot, you really did not need to do that.


  • ManthroManthro Posts: 2,075
    What makes you say that? I haven't noticed any difference in my Ironhide at all
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 1,409
    What do you mean by "weaken" and then "back to high crit rate"?
  • HalloweendmHalloweendm Posts: 228
    Yeah, what they said! My Ironhide is a frickin beast!

    And what do you mean with "the most beloved bots"? Who is that about?

    And why is the original post more like something I'd see on Facebook--those teaser comments that begs people to ask 'why' and 'what', instead of just coming right out with a clear post? Normally, I wouldn't respond to something like this as Kabam seems to do a good job of admitting when they are nerfing something, but if bots are being nerfed, I'd like to know more. And if Ironhide can get 'nerfed' with an even higher crit rate, I'm all for that!
  • TerminalTerminal Posts: 789
    hmm, I just used IH's S1 and was surprised by how little the damage and crit damage was, seems off. The final crit hit was less than a normal heavy atk.
  • HalloweendmHalloweendm Posts: 228
    Well, crap! Maybe its part of the update! Is there anywhere we can go to see what changes were made with this (and any others) update?
  • ManthroManthro Posts: 2,075
    Terminal wrote: »
    hmm, I just used IH's S1 and was surprised by how little the damage and crit damage was, seems off. The final crit hit was less than a normal heavy atk.

    Who did you use it on? In arena? If so, blame the lack of damage on masteries. All of IH damage is based off critical hits. Masteries not only lower Crit rate, but also crit damage, base damage, energy resistance, and add armor.

    All these things affect IH attacks across the board.
  • nomisunomisu Posts: 307
    didnt see any difference in spotlights
  • Make Ironhide Great Again!
  • Hey All,

    We have not made any changes to Ironhide, and don't make changes to Bots or content without letting you guys know. Now, there could have been a number of reasons that you might notice less damage from Ironhide, be it Masteries, or other Bots abilities? Who did you notice this against? Was it Optimus Primal? I ask because he is the newest addition to the Fight, and is the star of the current Spotlight Mission.

    Optimus Primal has a special Critical Hit Armor Buff that you can see in fights against him. That Yellow Armor prevents Critical Hits against him. This means that if you activate Ironhide's Special Attack, and it activates his Signature Ability, he will not take extra damage from the Attack.
  • Hired_GoonHired_Goon Posts: 439
    Been using my IH over last few days and same as always. I've experienced no changes to him whatsoever.
  • HalloweendmHalloweendm Posts: 228
    Its a couple days since my last comment and I've been paying attention to my Ironhide play and haven't noticed any reduction in damage, crits or whatever--he's still more beast mode than any of the maximals! Lol!
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