Non-feature Bot Monthly Crystals

kranderskranders Posts: 348
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@Kabam Miike do you keep figures of the non-feature bot crystal purchased like Waspinator. I don't understand why they are still 150 energon. I usually do not buy PBCs with energon. Sometimes I buy features but I absolutely would not get more expensive crystals when those bots are in PBCs even for a slightly better chance. I can't imagine most would... why not reduce the cost of these or start bringing back the old deals like 10/1000 only or something.

Or increase the chance for more than one bot. For example this month if Wasp/Ramjet/Grim all had an increased chance it may be worth it.

To me it's no spending vs an increased chance for people to spend on them.

Perhaps I'm wrong but just doesn't seem like a good idea that they are more than feature crystals.


  • Drake6401Drake6401 Posts: 321
    I think the 150 crystals has a higher chance than the 120's. Since we still have no feedback on actual rates, that's just a theory. Along with a general decrease in game activity, I've pretty much abandoned the crystals entirely at this point. Unless they make a bot that I absolutely have to have, no more gamble purchases.
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