Locked out of AM battlegroup

I opened the 3rd battlegroup and began the mission, then our alliance had a new member join, which changed our group rating, and now I'm locked out of the battlegroup. Please fix Kabam


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    If you started the alliance missions before the new player joined the alliance, the new player won't be able to join AM for that day.

    It has always worked like this
  • The new player didn't join the AM, they became new member of the alliance.
  • When I started the AM, all 3 battlegroups were unlocked. Two of us went to battlegroup #3. Now battlegroup #3 is locked when it wasn't before.
  • ManthroManthro Posts: 2,045
    Well.. That's no bueno for sure.
  • I unlocked it, just had to kick someone out to make it open back up. Kabam, just unlock all the battlegroups in everyone's alliance so this won't happen again.
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    Hey Keys, thanks for taking the time to write in. I think I know what's causing this and will take a look and see if we can prevent that in the future. It should be very rare if it's what I think it is.
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