Why is this app taking up over 600MB in my iCloud back up?

Today I get a notice from apple that my iCloud backup is almost full, so I go to see what's taking up all that space. I go to find out the forged to fight is taking up over 600MB on both my iPad back up and my iPhone backup, that's 1.2GB total of my 5GB storage. To put this in perspective most games have backups that are in the KB sizes, as they are only supposed to be backing up user info not game files. But it seems forged to fight is baking up all the game files too.

First of all can this be fixed? and in the mean time is it safe to NOT back up forged to fight in the iCloud (as I use a Kabam account, so could that be used to restore on a reinstall if I needed?)



  • That is very weird, and I'm having the team look into this right now. And yes, as long as your game is backed up to your Kabam account, it is safe to not have it back up to your iCloud.
  • DaveJLDaveJL Posts: 829
    well after each update, when you log in and try and do something it always says it is downloading additional files, and it is always around 560MB, so I am guessing that is it? Isn't it all the portrait data etc?
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