Ads Paying you Energon

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A new update that F2F received now has an update that allows you to earn 5 energon cubes per ad, and resets in 5 hours. While that wouldn't sound too bad, the issue I have is that the ads are random Google Play Store ads that aren't related to this game. I think having ads related to Transformers (toy commercials, tv show/movie ads, trailers for other games) should be more appropriate ads to put into the game. I'll even take ads from other Kabam games!

All in all, I appreciate people getting 5 energon cubes per ads, but the ads you have to watch feel like they're haphazardly added in the game.


  • DaveJLDaveJL Posts: 1,444
    they need external revenue, so Kabam running Kabam ads wont really generate that. I guess Transformers related ads would require many deals to be struck with all the rights and copyright holders?
    googleplay is just one entity and basically right up their street, and is advertising mobile games to mobile gamers - makes sense to me
  • I still haven't been able to get that button to work. Everytime I press it, the game crashes and reboots. Is there a bug going on with this? Or am I just out of luck?

    If Kabam can't fix this, is there a way to hide the button (and anything else cluttering my screen)?
  • DaveJLDaveJL Posts: 1,444
    no way to hide buttons.

    have you tried a fresh install of the game?
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