Alliance looking for active players

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Were an alliance running 30+ on map 2, and looking to fill the gaps where we recently got rid of some freeloaders and dead weight. We aren't a live in the game type of team but AM participation and AE driven activity is key. Were all laid back, but have been cycling through bottom 5(bottom in terms of activity) for about a month.

Were looking to end that trend, and by coming to the forums I feel any players recruited here have more interest and time vested in the game. Theres not a lot of requirements either. I've already stated, AM participation is a must, and AE minded activity is key. Do you, but if we all look out for the other, we can all move forward. Top 150-200 AM group, so we do like to blitz the AM.

Rating is not really a factor, though having yourself a good set of bots, or at least a good am squad is definitely a plus.

For instance, I recruited out of global chat, guy had less than 2k rating. He's now topped 10k and it hasn't been long. We don't mind helping players grow, so long as we all have same goal in mind.

If interested, pm me. :)


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