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Regarding the Last Series of Alliance Missions


We know that many of you have concerns over the results of our last Alliance Missions, and we do to. Upon seeing the results come in, we immediately sprung to action to investigate what happened, and were disheartened by what we found.

A number of Alliances used unscrupulous means to inflate their scores, and to upset the balance of the game. This is not right, and not fair to all Commanders that play this game in a fair and honest manner.

Before the results were released, we delayed the payout of the rewards, and immediately took action on the Alliance that placed in first. We regularly do this whenever we see something is not right, but for an unknown reason, this did not update the Alliance Mission leaderboards this time, and the rewards were skewed by an error in the Leaderboards. The top Alliance didn’t receive rank rewards, but the leaderboard didn’t update correctly to remove them and update everyone else.

We want to assure you all that we did not ignore the situation, or leave guilty parties unpunished. Commanders that used 3rd Party Software to unbalance the game in Alliance Missions were punished, as they should be. We will continue to punish any Commanders and Alliances that do not play the game fairly. Up until this point, we have employed a 3-Strike policy, but are looking at it again as we improve our policies and procedures. Don’t assume chances will continue moving forward; a permanent ban is always possible depending on the situation.

For all Alliances that were affected by this displacement on the Leaderboards and Rank Rewards, you can expect an in game message with the Rewards that you missed out on due to our leaderboard issue at some point today. We are very sorry for the delay in getting these to you.

We are also aware that there are other instances within the game where using these means can result in unbalancing the game, and we are not ignoring them. We are working on getting better and more efficient at catching these instances, and will continue to improve and act on them as best we can in the future.

Thank you to all of the Commanders that brought these issues to our attention, and please do not hesitate to report players that you feel are not playing the game in the way that it is intended.

Let's keep New Quintessa an honest, and competitive place!
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