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Anyone else not able to buy the brawler sig upgrade programs from the raid store?

Slibby8803Slibby8803 Posts: 115
edited January 2018 in Bugs and Known Issues
Yes I have the raid chips to buy, yes I have tried restarting the game and phone, yes I do not have a max inventory of brawler 3 star sig upgrade programs, yes all the other items in the raid store work fine. When I click to buy it says I have already reached my purchase limit. But I have not bought any this round. I only have three in my inventory so there is no way I could have bought 5. What are the chances Kabam is going to fix this before the chance to buy them is gone? Well... zero because Kabam and Kabam don't work on the weekend.


  • Same here
  • Any word on some sort of a fix for the @Kabam Miike?
  • Whelp after a back and forth with support it seems like they are not going to make it right. I had heard rumors kabam support sucked and well it does. The hearty thanks for bringing it to our attention and we will TRY to make sure it never happens again doesn't even come close to making it right.
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