Questions about forum avatars

Where's the new avatar for Arcee? Her current one is outdated and pretty ugly, will there be a new one?
Will there be more Sharkticon avatars? We only have a warrior and a demolition one at the moment
And lastly, how can I get access to the warrior Sharkticon avatar? :)


  • When you are deemed worthy you shall have access to what you desire.

    Good Day!
  • Hmm, I've added the Avatar for Arcee. it should be available right now.

    As for the Sharkticons, right now, only players that haven't selected an Avatar will get the Warrior Shark, and Vydious is using the Brawler Sharkticon. I'm using S-1000. I'll be sure to add the other Sharkticons soon.... Probably when Sharkticon week kicks off!
  • ElitehunterElitehunter Posts: 211
    There is also no barricade avatar @Kabam Miike
  • There is also no barricade avatar @Kabam Miike

    You're right! Added Barricade, and you'll see him at the end of the list. Arcee is available, but for some reason she is not showing up in Alphabetical order. She's down there with Shockwave.
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