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Solo Missions

Hi team Kabam.
i am really excited for the new update today and the Shark week in particular.
Keep up the good work.

But now to the point.Here is my suggestion:

That what is missing in the game is more content.
But not just regular content like new Acts or Spotlight Mission.Cause once we get it done 100%,it is over.
After that it is boring to burn our energy on it for gold or ore.

But if we have Solo Events with nice milestone and rank rewards and I have to use my Scout bots to earn points for example, it gets interesting.

This is how the players get involved in the game.Else the downtime between Alliance Missions is too big and the veteran players do not have much to do.

This game feature( The Solo Missions) do not require constant programming and creating new Acts,Mission Maps,etc... which takes a very long time.
Instead this is a nice add up to the Alliance Events and just keeps us busy and interested in the game for longer.

Also please lower the requirements to reach Rank rewards in the Alliance events and buff the rewards.They are outdated.
Thank you.
Keep it clean guys and let's have a healthy discussion.

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