Idea for adding Combiners and Unicron

Why not turn the AM events into a combiner event. Same 3 battle groups run thru their maps and face off against 1 or 2 of the 5 bots as mini bosses or the final boss, I think there are a couple of 6 bot combiners, that make up a combiner. Once the maps have been completed 100 % the entire alliance then fights against the combiner , each player getting 1 bot and 1 turn to do as much damage as they can. If the combiner is beaten 100% the rewards could be character crystal shards for 1 of the bots that make up the combiner.

And to add Unicron to the game, a similar format of MCOC alliance wars could be done. The map layout with nodes used in MCOC is Unicron instead and there is a defending alliance and an attacking alliance. The map could be on the surface of Unicron or inside of him since he is so large. As battles are won the winning alliance gains Prestige levels. Since its an alliance based event the rewards would benefit the alliance as a whole. So why not give a , based on Alliance Prestige level, a % increase of gold farmed from bases or speed up the production of it gold farmed from player bases. Everyone needs more gold nowadays so this could help.

Add your thoughts, ideas, or suggestions.


  • CandKaneCandKane Posts: 646
    I really like this idea, although we would need a lot more bots to be released before the combiner idea could get going. Really would enjoy some kind of Alliance-to-Alliance combat, maybe based on how an alliance does in AMs?
  • million dollar question: how can we use this idea to stimulate energon purchase. :#
  • Optima1POptima1P Posts: 38
    Combiner idea: Love it! Sure we'd need to release more bots, but why not get a chance to win a combiner pack of five or six bots in premium crystals and - if you use a team of combiners [in any size, 3-5 bots] which combine into the same bot - get a synergy and have the third special unlocked as a signature move from the combiner.

    Alliance/Unicron idea: If Unicron would be a map, then I'm okay with that. Not sure how alliance vs alliance battles would work. Would all of the members have to be participating against another alliance? Would fights be chosen by the game/creators and all of the members be fighting on the same field at the same time? Or would each fight be private only to the two combatants?

  • Optima1POptima1P Posts: 38
    edited February 15
    I don't believe that would be very practical, as the battles are only supposed to be alliance against alliance. There'd have to be an entirely new game mechanic in order for Unicron's insides to even interact with the players.
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