Mid level players the alliance you need! (FETB)

"Feed the Beast" has a few spots available for new members. We are a growing alliance with a strong core of players that like playing together. We plan on growing in strength and having a good time playing this game. We only want active members that don't mind participating in alliance events. So if you are a player that wants a dedicated, but laid-back alliance come check us out. Friend request me (RampageTX) if you need help finding us.


  • larriouslarrious Posts: 36
    Yes, finally a thread happy to recruit newer players.

    But wait, what does "mid level" mean? lol

    I already found my family but thought I'd help others clarify...so we can collectively help a bigger base of new players grow faster
  • RampageTXRampageTX Posts: 19
    Well first off thanks for posting and taking the time to view my recruitment post. Good question on mid level allaince. I'd say mid level because we have a few that are around level 50 with a 40k+ bot rating. Then we have a good chunk of level 30s that are active. Lastly our newest guys around level 20 10k rating. So where not in the tops (yet) but not a newbie alliance either. That being said I only have 2 spots left. I am looking for active players who plan on playing this game awhile. Players that want to grow strong together and help out allies when needed. Come check us out if you are looking for allies.
  • RampageTXRampageTX Posts: 19
    One more post. We have several high players but are goal is to grow strong as a team. And we will be a bad ass team so hit me up. I only have 2 spots left.
  • RampageTXRampageTX Posts: 19
    We have gained 2 members but lost one due to inactivity. So we have 2 spots again. 16 members 305,306 rating. If you are a active player I invite you to join us I don't really care your level. We are laid-back group but care about the time we put in this game.
  • What lvl and map AM do you guys do?
  • I'm lvl 46 with a rating of 38k
  • RampageTXRampageTX Posts: 19
    It honestly depends. Most of are guys are average lvl 30. I'm 50 with 40k rating are other officer about 50k. You'd be on the top end with us. So not sure if you are looking for something like us or want an elite alliance where your just a member but have more upside for instant return. The other officer does the Alliance Mission so he'd know more on exact level. I can tell you most these guys are determined to work their way up.
  • RampageTXRampageTX Posts: 19
    We are now full with a 356k rating. Thanks for the help filling our ranks and it will be fun as we ascending to greatness as a alliance. That being said request me if ya want In I may have one more spot got a player that's about to be done for a while.
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