So you've been playing us all this time

I noticed that when I spin crystals before I even tap them, kabam has already decided what I get. This kills the whole point of spinning crystals and ruins all you previously said about 4* bots being rare and all that bs. Fix this ____ cuz it's very Annoying knowing you've been playing me in crystals since I first got this gamejhzd9g4hcit4.png


  • CarverCarver Posts: 82
    So in the above picture kabam, before you try to defend yourselves, explain why I already know that I got a 2* dupe.
  • WolfeWolfe Posts: 80
    The spinning is for display purposes only. (Same way as in MCOC) I believe the bot is chosen at the moment that you "tap" to open them.
  • AmanoAmano Posts: 318
    The bot is already chosen but they need to move that box from the corner because it lets you know right a way and ruins what little fun it is
  • CarverCarver Posts: 82
    Lol but I didn't even tap the crystal Wolfe
  • FarkasFarkas Posts: 63
    Not when you tap to stop the crystal Carver when you drop it in the box its decided. You have zero control over it, the wheel just give you the illusion of control.
  • ToughnutToughnut Posts: 201
    I like that we can see it.

    Saves me time from disappointment on landing between 2 4* and end up pulling a 2*.
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