Suggestion for next update: get rid of the constant relic swapping

Several of us have already raised this issue, but I'll say it again; as we get more and more relics each month, the constant swapping we have to do when going from game mode to game mode is taking a lot of joy out of playing. There has to be a way to simplify the process so that switching game modes is more seamless.

I suggested a relic loadout system where you would have X number of pre-saved groups that you could label with titles like "SPECIAL", "ARENA", "STORY", "GOLD" and "ALLIANCE MISSION" and then you could put which relics you wanted in those slots. Then just assign a group to a game mode so as soon as you enter the game mode, it automatically switches to the group you've selected.

The other alternative is just removing the whole relic placing system altogether and just make it so each and every relic is detected and used all at once and let the current game mode you're in detect which relics are relevant to that mode and which aren't.

Either way, we need an alternative to what we have now.


  • kranderskranders Posts: 334
    Can’t really do all relics because that would be more than 4. Each game mode should have a relic screen or something like you suggested. Though I guess the idea is some people are sacrificing in one area for another.
  • ManthroManthro Posts: 2,005
    edited February 9
    Yeah.. we need a template system.. having all relics always active doesn't quite work, since many are applicable in more than one game mode. You could conceivably have 12 relics active in special missions after this spotlight, plus the 7(8?) AM relics if they all activated automatically.

    That's not good balance
  • Flavin wrote: »

    Be careful there ol’ pal. Gonna have to give you the flag...
  • At least a warning message you pop up before going into a different game mode then last played. Going from Story Mode to AM a message could pop up saying : You have Story mode relics installed on your base and not AM relics. Are you sure you want to continue ?"

    This is why I simply leave AM relics installed on my base at all times.
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