Max Forging new bots like Galvatron

Why they don’t give 2-stars for newer bots like Galvatron how are we suppose to max level Galvatron and others there if we don’t get a 2-Star verson of them. 9e5yghk28itd.png
Why not do some like the ‘signature awakening programs’ with forging like max forged program where it allows you to let you allows your unlock max forge for the bot you use it won’t instantly forged to 100 it will only let you allow to reach 100 when you forge enough? You think ‘max forge awakening programs’ is a good idea why or why?


  • ManthroManthro Posts: 2,005
    There's already two threads running for this. Why start another one? The more people that post in those threads, the more the devs will see this as an issue players want resolved. By doing this, you are reducing the attention this topic gets.

    There are also better solutions to the max forge problem than diluting the 2* bot pool by adding more characters. You have just provided another one, in fact.
  • Ok?
    And what of mean by “Just just provided another one” what? problem, solution or answer.
  • ManthroManthro Posts: 2,005
    By suggesting a "max forge program" you have provided another (and imo, better) solution than simply increasing the pool of 2* bots.
  • Fantastic idea!
  • MaxBebopMaxBebop Posts: 471
    The forge program is a neat idea, but to increase playability of the game, and so Kabam can make more people play, the program shouldn’t unlock the full 100 off the bat, the program should allow 5 levels and should be class specific, that way we’d have to grind for 5 total programs to get the final 25 levels and they should appear once or twice a week, random class in the raid store for like 20k and only be allowed to purchase one for the day, classic make your players play and wait for what they want to achieve marketing strategy. :D

    But to avoid all that painful grinding and waiting, just bring back the 2 star bots in the raid store like before, throw them into the random daily slot machine.
  • Get rid of the raid bounty arena and replace it with a forge arena like the signature bounty.
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