Solution to problem of forging 3-Star verson of the new bots.

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You when you trying to forge your new bot in a event like Galvatron after you max upgrading it and when you reach level 75 of forging you need the 2-Star verson of but you can’t so it’s impossible.
So how to solve it well here are my solutions:
1. Add the 2-Star versions of them into the crystals why so if you got say a 2-Star crystal then you have a chance to get it at least so it’s better than nothing.
2. Make ‘Max forge awakening program’ what are them it is basically like ‘signature awakening’ but it allows you to reach forging level 100 but it won’t increase the forging level of at least little to none and how to obtain them though the daily raid store events milestones, daily logins, and energon store, there will a versons for the certain class and star of it and a regular one that can allow you to do to any class of bot. So for example if you use a demolition max forge awakening programs on Galvatron with any forge level so if Galvatron has a forge level of 0 for example it will unlock the option it to reach 100 without raising the forge level or just barely.
3. Allow you to get the 2-Star verson of the bot in future events with the future featured bots. So you see you can only get *Whatever is the featured bot: currently Hound* so why can’t you get the 2-Star verson of the bot well in older events until Galvatron rising you could 2-Star and 3-Star verson of the featured bot but no 4-Star verson of it in Galvatron rising and currently you could get 4-Star verson of the bot but not the 2-Star verson of it anymore so why did the developers sector remove the opinions to get the 2-Star verson of it?
4. Remove the ‘require to forge previous star verson of the bot. If it’s removed then you can reach level 100.
5. Other. Ask in the comments on how to solve the solution.

Solution to problem of forging 3-Star verson of the new bots. 13 votes

Add 2-Stars of the new bots into crystals.
WarCat 1 vote
Add ‘Max forge awakening programs’
KittenPrimeNightgauntBlack_ThoughtANCIENTNEMESIS1Galvatr0n27 5 votes
Add the option to get 2-star verson of the featured in the event.
Remove the ‘require to forge previous star of the bot to reach forging level.
ManthroInsanecloudRemmiexxerexxSeb1976NinjaHunterXDarkMatrix 7 votes
Other (ask in the comments)
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