Can't even open the app since 10am, what's going on?

Im using a Samsung Galaxy J7 cell, was running great at 8am. It did keep show "Transformers has shut down" error for the last day eventhough the app was not running & already off. But nothing really major while playing it. Now it gets to a word bubble that says "transformers has stopped working, restart app" then when click restart another one that says "transformers keeps stopping, close app." Its been doing this since 10am til now 1037pm here. What's going on? Im already starting to think of quitting & having google refund me.


  • ManthroManthro Posts: 2,047
    Try reinstalling. The app data may have become corrupted
  • Kabam what have you done I haven't been able to access the game for a week now,Ive lost all progress on the daily calender's.It started with the internet not working so I checked and it was fine then I tested the connection with other apps that needed it and they worked just fine.This was my favorite game and now I probably will never get to open the game again.Ive constantly deleted it and redownloaded it many times to get rid of corrupted data but that didn't work.
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